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  1. could it be dependent on ram usage/availability?
  2. if transparency isn't required, you could perhaps steal the alpha bits to go from rgb(8) to rgb(10) with 2 bits left. How viable this is i don't know.
  3. there is no PDN file. i just import all images as layers, then attempt to export it as a gif. (sorry the zip is too big to attach) https://puu.sh/GZFl1/09b1f7deb3.zip
  4. Saving. I see the progress bar become full, then the plugin crashes
  5. yes. Test case: 43 png images imported as layers. 1024x1024 pixels.
  6. Crashed. log is pretty long, so i put it on pastebin; https://pastebin.com/K9ELE9k7
  7. New driver: 457.09 - issue still present. software render is working but is undesirable because hardware render used to work
  8. Not really if you double-check the screenshot. This was captured on 456.71 and i'll be updating to 457.09 and update my result. This was enabled and working previously though. No select method gives me a visibly selected area. They function just fine though despite being invisible
  9. rebooting does not help. new drivers might, when they are released?
  10. Hello. the selection tools are working, but the selection is invisible. Also i can not target the message box that appears if i use "save as" and target a existing file. It seems to exist off screen but i don't know if or how i can move it back Any help would be appreciated. PDN has been working before but it's been few months since the last time i used it. pdncrash.1.log pdncrash.2.log
  11. while saving a single pdn is alright. it would be nice to have some form of session management in case the application crashes or something similar. I often keep multiple files open and make small changes to them which i integrate into a main file
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