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  1. ? My OS can run everything it needs to. Windows can't. I like Paint.NET, but I don't *need* it. I do need the tools which Linux provides me. Maybe asking about support of a program I like on the OS I use isn't an attack on Windows users, or a personal attack on you? Maybe being pretentious when people ask questions is a terrible way to foster a good community? Just my thoughts on the matter.
  2. ... No? That's why I said "if"? .NET Core can compile for Linux. You don't need to know any specific codebase to know that. That'll do it. I didn't realize parts were written in C++; getting runtime-less languages to be cross-platform is quite a bit more difficult than something like .NET. No, but you must be, lol. WinForms and WPF have .NET Core implementations, from what I understand. Direct2D and DirectWrite are pretty impossible to get around, though. You'd need to change the whole graphics engine out for something based on Vulkan or OpenGL - wh
  3. I know that "When can I get Paint.net on Linux" has been asked and answered before, but the other forum posts are kinda old - one even references Mono which is sort of why I'm posting this - and I wanted to know if things had changed. .NET Core is open-source now, and available on Linux, so if paint.net is using .NET Core then all you should have to do is change an option in Visual Studio and hit "compile" for it to just work. If it's using winforms/wpf on .NET Framework there are guides published by Microsoft for migrating to .NET Core. .NET Framework isn't deprecated or anything
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