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  1. The install and uninstall troubleshooter did work, but it didn't remind me to reboot. Otherwise, the installation worked, and yes, I did pick a custom location for the installation. Thanks for your help 👍
  2. There's another problem, now there's a new undeleteable file, "PaintDotNet.exe" in the same directory. It brings up a similar error Error opening file for writing: C:/.../AppData/Local/Temp/PdnSetup/PaintDotNet.exe But regardless, the previous files are still in there, and are still a problem if "PaintDotNet.exe" wasn't one
  3. I've recently installed Paint.net and attempted to move it from Program Files to Program Files (x86), after which Paint.net no longer opened Now, I am not able to reinstall Paint.net. Running the installer (even in administrator mode) prompts the following message : Error opening file for writing: C:/.../AppData/Local/Temp/PdnSetup/SetupFrontEnd.exe and Error opening file for writing: C:/.../AppData/Local/Temp/PdnSetup/SetupShim.exe I am not able to delete or rename any of these 2 files, or the folder they are in That's because I do not have permission t
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