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  1. It only let me complete the registration when I tried to post the complaint and had to register, seriously people you need to sort this out! I'm logging out now and I may be some time!!
  2. I cannot create an account to log in with!! The security question is broken, the correct answers are: <snip> The security question is also flawed, do I spell sentence correctly or incorrectly is is starting with a capital and spelled correctly or begining with a capital and spelled incorrectly??? Then the question about the spammer and how many posts are left after they remove them, the answer is <snip> The questions are ambiguous and even when it finally accepts the users details and the answer to the security question, the security jigsaw complets with a big green tick it still does not accept the registration??? What a waste of my time and effort, now I'm pissed off with you instead of feeling like I should!! Even while I'm typing in this complaint your security check wants me to complete the security jigsaw for the third time, useless and broken, why have you created a site so incredible poor and sloppy when you have created such a great paint program?? Why let yourself down like this??