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  1. Thank you for the "hint" 😉 Of course I'll let him reboot, but to tell my deployment tool that the "repair is finished" the Repair Tool HAS to exit with at least any exit code. After this I'll trigger the restart for myself. @Rick Brewster whoops. Sorry for the old thread re-use! And thank you so much for the info with the .msi repair. I can manage it easy with MsiExec.exe /FA {2559A8FC-B856-44AB-813B-253D560F4DE8} /norestart /qn to fix this. Thanks!
  2. Hello! :) Are there any switches for the RepairTool? Because I've to rollout the repair to each workstation and the tool is asking for a restart at the end. Can we have something like a ..\PaintDotNet.exe /repair /norestart /quiet This would be awesome! Thank you Mike