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  1. I just did a couple tests. I uninstalled Paint.net completely between each test. 4.2.8 always launches fine no matter which method of installing. These tests were all manually just double clicking the msi or exe, no extra parameters. If I install 4.2.8 with the executable, then install 4.2.9 with the executable, everything works fine. If I Install 4.2.8 with the msi extracted with /createmsi, then install 4.2.9 manually with the executable, I get the error. If I install 4.2.8 with the exe, then install 4.2.9 with the msi extracted with /createmsi, I get the error.
  2. Edit by Rick 1: I've split this conversation out of the 4.2.9 announcement post so it can have its own dedicated thread Edit by Rick 2: See fix below, along with explanation: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/115940-msi-deployment-of-429-missing-dlls-prompting-repair-and-reboot-msi-adgpo-createmsi-consolidated-thread/?do=findComment&comment=567994 I'm using the classic release. After installing 4.2.9 over 4.2.8, I get this error on first launch: I've tested on at least 3 computers and they all get the same behavior. It looks like if I manually uni
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