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  1. Figures. I wasn't even aware of what the current version was - I just assumed it would have updated to the most recent version automatically, but I'm sure you know what they say about assuming!
  2. I finally got them to open on 4.2.9 after forcing it to update - thank you! I still don't know why it was't opening before but I guess I shouldn't be too concerned now.
  3. To note, I did just try opening several of the PDN files in Draw IES and they all opened without errors. I cannot imagine they would have opened at all if they were corrupted, or without errors.
  4. I have Google Drive and OneDrive; the fact that you can link share through either frankly slipped my mind. The link has both the screenshot of my Paint.NET (which I also included a couple other screenshots of my OS and the Paint.NET version from Control Panel) and several PDN files I can't open. I also want to note that my RAM is different from the normal Dell Inspiron 3185 specs as I had an upgraded part put in place of the original after I purchased the laptop. I have not tried to update Paint.NET to the current version. I'm frankly a bit afraid to know what will happen if I do; I do not want to lose months worth of work, some of which is not yet finished. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnmPze0lW-YyjMcUpcDjjNfU-0SK7w?e=hDA7q9
  5. @Pixey Is there a way to link you to a ZIP file containing multiple files I cannot open? Any one of them are too large to include here (all at least a few thousand KB). Unless it had something to do with my most recent update, I sincerely doubt they corrupted as I continued to open and edit all of them until then. As far as an update goes, there was a window popup that said "A new update is available" and I clicked the option to update. 3.36 happened to be the version it updated to, and the version I had prior was exactly the same as the version that was on my other laptop. @IHaveNoName I downloaded it from the following website: https://www.getpaint.net/download.html. Is this the official download website? @BoltBait I purchased my current laptop as brand-new in the summer of 2018 - it is running Windows 10, currently version 1903. The other laptop I referenced ran Windows 8 and (I believe) was brand new when I received it: a Lenovo e11 Thinkpad. I cannot see how either wold have had XP or Vista.
  6. I am using 64-bit Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 3185 laptop. I created those old files on a different laptop (a Lenovo ThinkPad provided to me, which was running 2.(something) and that I no longer have access to) and am trying to open them on this one. As far as the version goes, 3.36 is the update that was installed the last time I updated Paint.NET (August 8, 2019). All of the problem files were created in 2018/2019, some on the laptop I am using now before my Paint.NET updated to 3.36.
  7. I know I had an old version on my laptop when I first made them, I'm not sure which (I thought it was 2. something, but I could be wrong). I have 3.36 now. The files are all native Paint.NET (.pdn) files. Would old .pdn files not be compatible with the newer version?
  8. I have several files from version 2.0 (the last change I made on one file was dated back in December 2018). I have the latest version installed but when I try to open those old files in the latest version, it tells me "There was an unspecified error while opening the file." These are files that I am still working on; is there any way to fix this? I've debated about reinstalling the old version but I want to know if there is a way to open them in the current version before doing that.