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  1. I don't doubt there's plenty of performance, and bug fixes, but The new icons to me just blur together when I look at them while the old ones don't. I understand the reasoning for the change, or at least as much as one without software creation knowledge can understand, but the combination of the fact I dislike simple/metro-esque design everyone is turning to these days, as well as the previously-stated fact the new icons just blur together for me prevent me from really being able to use the software as effectively as I do the older variant. I've asked my questions, and have been a
  2. If that is the case, then one last question. Even if it wasn't "graceful" does that mean there might still be a way, albeit not the nicest-looking, or outright impossible to do so without having some kind of knowledge of completely tearing apart the software, and rebuilding it? If it's the latter, then I'd at the least like to hope maybe in the future you'd consider adding a feature where people can make their own custom icons to replace those within the software with, should that be possible. Also, I fully understand I won't get any specific assistance with software issues unless
  3. Well, unfortunately if that's the case, I think I'll be sticking to 4.0.14. There are few times where I don't like something, yet "get used to it", and with how often I get confused by the new icons I simply don't find the update worth it given I don't notice any real changes in features other than the icon changes, which I simply do not, and most certainly will not like. I feel like there must be some kind of file swap that can be done, or something to return the old icons, though if not, I'll just ditch the plugin, and return to the prior version which I have zipped away. I do ap
  4. Up until now I've been using Paint.net 4.0.14, and only recently have I began using version 2.4.8 because a plugin I wanted to use required me to update. In short, I'm not fond of any of the new icons. I prefer the icons of the previous version I used, and as I saved the paint.net files of the previous version I used in a zip file just in case, I would like to know if there's a way to simply replace the icons of the newer with the prior. I personally feel the previous icons were more clear to what they were meant to do, and the new icons are a bit too soft in colors, and just simply don't pop
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