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  1. My bad, I was just saying that would be another option, y'know?? I wasn't aware that was against the rules
  2. It wasn't Helix, but that feels a little closer to what I used, it doesn't have the rotation and it doesn't make the grid pattern over the whole image like wat I used :/ Another option instead of finding what I used is just to find someone who's really good at this kinda stuff to recreate it for me :/ I just want it to match wat I already made but without the logo in the center :/ Idk where I'd find such an artist who could reconstruct it for me though :/
  3. No, it wasn't that one, I remember whatever it was came in a pack with many different plugins
  4. No, it wasn't that one, the one I was using made the grid over the entire image and let me rotate it and stuff It's similar though
  5. I created this image via Paint.net many many years ago to use as my logo but I forgot to keep a copy of the background of it and it's limiting what I can do with my logo. I know the plugin I was using to create the bg made a grid and then had a thing to warp it and I messed with it till I got that, can anyone tell me what plugin I used to make that bg?? :/ I need to recreate it so that I can use my logo for custom merch :/ (Only the bg, not the logo on top)
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