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    Woodworking, reading, prototyping board games and card games, camping, hiking, target shooting, poker, movies, binge watching shows.
  1. Yep! Okay, good. Thanks for the alternative place to put stuff like this. Much appreciated and I agree with you, BoltBait. That's why I posted the question, first. I thought I might be violating the rules, so it's a good thing I asked. Thank you both for the quick responses!
  2. Hi All, Many years ago I started a thread where I was creating a game with my daughter (name was Mr. Manfranjansen and then later just Mr. Man) I submitted some prototype artwork and got some very valuable feedback. A few people seemed really into it and wanted to help me with submissions of their own. I have since retired and I've got time now to start this project again and I was looking forward to getting some help with the artwork. I can only manipulate existing images. I can do some basic things to get me by, but most of my stuff is pilfered from the Internet. I don't want to us
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