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  1. Dear friends, thank you very much for the tipps and ideas in this cause. Meanwhile I have deinstalled all, paint.net and the plugins, then reinstalled all and - it's working!!! I don't know why it now works but it's a delight! Have a nice weekend - Dietrich
  2. Hi Pixey, thanks for your tipp. I only have this as files from Vandermotten. Look at picture And I do always the install.exe. Don't know which EXE you mean...
  3. Hi Welshblue, I'm using free version 4.2.8. (Final 4.208.7276.37737) and I used the install program of Vandermotten. The DLLs are in the Effects folder. The menue points of the effects are shown and I can use the dialogues to set options but at start nothing happens...
  4. Hi, I used the Vandermotten plug ins sinc years wit Paint.net. Now I bought a new PC, installed Paint.net 4.2.8. and the plug ins too. But the plugins doesn't work. What can I do? I need this effects of the plug ins! Regards- Dietrich
  5. Hello, on my old PC I had some plugins for paint.net installed in the folder "Effects". Now I bought a new PC and installed paint.net (v4.2.8). I copied the plugin files from my old PC and pasted them into the folder "Effects" on my new PC. But when I try to use this plugins they doesn't work. What can I do? Regards - Dietrich