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  1. Eli - they are used as a texture so there isn't much "purpose". Just something I want to create I guess Reptillian - what's g'mic? what is that code? how are they related? anywhere I can read about the 2? Red Ochre - Really cool plugin! The quads either align too well (which is a simple grid) or not, but I'm not strict about it so I'll play with it - might like the result. Thanks! Ego Eram Reputo - Awesome! I loved how you took the plugin and combined the layers together. Really cool trick!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a way to create random quads, so that it will look something like that: I'm looking for a generator though since (1) I want to create it on a somewhat big resolution (1024x1024) (2) I want the squares to be smaller than the picture (3) I want the lines to align together and be straight Any ideas how can on create such a texture, hopefully not manually?
  3. @HyReZ cool, I'll take a look at some of those videos. Thanks! @welshblue I don't know, but I'll try there. And thanks for all the help, amazing! And happy new year
  4. @HyReZ ha can't believe I forgot to actually put the attached video >< And since I'm working inside an engine (UE4 if it matters) I'm not really sure how much I can do what you did. But I would love to know how you did what you did anyway, perhaps I might be able to think of a way to adapt it to the engine. That is, even if I had a simple animation like the first part one in my video - what would you do to make it seamless? you can't just "cut" the first/last few frames, and you can't simply copy them either since they won't be continuous here it is:
  5. @Pixey - first of all wow, that looks like an amazing plugin! Although it's a bit complex, and I think your result is actually seamless, but I have no idea how you got from what welshblue made to that using the plugin, if you can explain a bit? @welshblue - a still image since I need it inside the engine, but if we can get a 'forever animation behavior' I can probably replicate it inside the engine. Based on what you said I tried to play a little in the engine and I've attached a video showing it. Note that I added the black circle in the center and it's not part of the texture, but it shouldn't matter. In the video I'm showing 3 different things. You can see I'm switching when you see the gray checker texture for a second. Parts: 1 - this is zooming of the texture from the center over time, by [0.7 .. 1.0]. The sudden jump you see is when it reaches 1.0 and jumps to 0.7 2 - this is zooming of the texture from the center over time, by [0.7 .. 1.0 .. 0.7]. You can see it goes forth and back. 3- This is just the texture it self with a black gradient circle in the center What I would really want is the first effect, but forever, without it jumping to 0.7 (or at least without us noticing it). I hope it's not too much info, I tried to explain a lot as I know the engine isn't the topic, but I'm trying to understand what kind of texture I can use to actually create the effect we are talking about.
  6. @Pixey I actually said seamless, but welshblue said tiling which I thought had the same intention but is the correct wording Anyway what I actually want is for the blue 'lines'/'shadowy things' you see in the first picture to be 'moveable', so over time it will look like the lines are being 'emitted' from the center while and leaving the edges 'going offscreen' Thinking about it though, I'm not sure if seamless is gonna help do that. I'm not really sure how to do it though, so any ideas are welcome!
  7. @welshblue the transparent radial gradient is a nice trick! An I still can't think about any way to do the tiling, but I don't have that much experience so hopefully you or someone else will think of a way ^^ And thanks for all the help!
  8. I think your was better btw, but thanks ^^ The eraser method worked, awesome Just wondering about the first method though: I tried using the ellipse selection (I can just select the entire area with magic wand on the black circle layer no?) and then use transparency, but it's the same transparency for the entire area right? or am I missing something Also, is there a cool trick to make it somewhat seamless? I tried to use the 2 plugins I'm aware of, but the best result I got simply looks like the same image we got reduced by 0.25, multiplied 4 times and put into each corner. If it helps, The middle isn't as important (since it's gonna be black/transparent anyway as you can see in the original picture) p.s. Just to explain the bigger picture, I'm trying to make something like the original picture, but where the "lines moves" (towards the center) in a repeatable way (inside the game engine, not as part of the texture). I'm not entirely sure how to, so I'm kind of playing and learning as I go.
  9. Cool that's good to know - thanks! p.s. Is there a way to apply black as transparency to another layer? That is, I got something like this so far (still playing though): I got to this so far Notice how the background is black and the smokes are white, so the texture can easily be made transparent/white. However I'm not sure how to do the same with the black hole in the middle. I know I can just remove a circle from the smoke layer, but it won't have the same effect since we've done a blur to it
  10. Oh man wow! so much effort and it looks amazing and now I can easily follow - thank you so much!! "Hope you weren't holding your breath" (I don't know how to quote) - not at all! And thanks for the explanation as well - I love to learn so it's more than helpful p.s. My brush factory has a size limit of 1000. I'm guessing you're not updated or something
  11. Yeah that's awesome. I'll be waiting for it, thanks!
  12. Wow what you got there look great! I downloaded the brush factory plugin with the brush pack, but honestly I'm not really sure how to use it. That is, I can paint the smoke brushes, but I'm not sure how I want to paint it so I can apply the zoom blur so it would look like your result. Any chance you can show a video of how you painted the smoke brushes? or explain it in hopefully way I'll understand?
  13. I'm looking to create an effect similar to the one below in my game (the screen effect, the blue lines/waves/thingy ): and for that I'm looking for a texture that is like that; that is, a white-black texture in polar coordinates (or at least looks like it), from the center to the outer edges. I tried to use some effects like twist and render rays together with render clouds, but I can't seem to get it; Anyone got any ideas how to make something similar to it?