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  1. Well, I only tried SketchUp a few times but I'm more familiar with Blender if it counts
  2. Hello! I'm wondering how would I make actual 3D text, by actual, I mean not the one that's usually shown in tutorials. So I mean: The best I can do now is this which I don't prefer: Thank you!
  3. It says "Access Denied" when I try to visit the website.
  4. Sorry for late response. Thank you. I've already tried this pluggin, but don't know how to exactly use it for my thing.
  5. Hello, I'm wondering how to create such border (like rays) in paint.net. Are there any plugins? Thank you!
  6. Do you have any suggestions (if so, please give me URLs)?
  7. I found only plugins where you manually enter offset, but I'm looking for something that would work with mouse. (Imagine moving images in powerpoint, it would center it automatically, or align it with another image)
  8. Hello! I sometimes find it difficult to center some things and I'm wondering if there's a way to make a real grid. I know there are plugins for that, but what that does, is only a image of a grid. I'm wondering if I can get a plugin (or if there's something built-in) that would add a grid like a magnet (what I mean: if you are holding a rectangle near a grid line, it would automatically place it there). Thank you!
  9. Okay, this is much better than the previous one, what do you think? Thank you for your help!
  10. They don't. This is an image from PAINT.net with white background and difference is visible. In the saved image (second agove.), shadow's outlines are clearly visible, which I don't want. But yeah, how would i still improve it?
  11. Hello! So, I am trying to make a material desing logo. I know, it's not really good, but, it's good enough for me. Basically, I made some shadows with Unfocus effect. When I save it as a png, shadows "broke". IMAGE IN PAINT (How the logo should look when saved & transparent background) IMAGE WHEN SAVED AS PNG: I would really like to fix that issue somehow, because, it looks very weird. Thank you for your help.
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