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  1. Much appreciated... I'm opening another tab as I "speak-type" lol but, if (or rather, if everyone else but me doesn't know already hahaha) anyone else asks you this or a similar question in the future... apparently both PdN and Gimp are able to use .abr Brushes as well --- or at least the ones that I have downloaded and installed including yours 🤘 🎃 sneaky little buggers... [brief moment to be semi-serial] ... dude... thank you for the referral to Brusheezy, and replying to my question that you [all] probably get pretty regularly even tho the actual questions/answers evaded me enough to prompt asking it myself; as well as my insanely late-in-date compared to the most recent post prior to mine.
  2. I know.... I'm pretty late to the "PdN Plugin Party" 🤣 However I'm hoping you can entertain my brain for a minute or two: As it stands currently, I seem to have an easier time running/using PdN than any other image editor out there, so I'm trying to gather what plugins I can that I know I've used in Gimp previously. Brushes are my current mission! I'm primarily looking for a "grunge" brush or something similar, as well as other similar-looking effects. My project workload includes creating new textures for things like: tattoos on an NPC/Character, wood & metal furnishings as well as hardware pieces (for a door or something similar), etc. I know that stamps/clones and brushes are going to be my primary tools since I've been using mostly brushes (stamp only a couple of times throughout) I'm beyond capable of coping with the extreme limitations that come with PdN as a standard. I know this will make my "ease of use" a little less "at ease" but it's necessary. So... my question(s): 1- Is there a grunge or similar brush with your Factory 🙂 2- (if) my short story managed to bring to mind any additional/juicy ideas to [your] mind regarding brushes that I should look at especially... then I'm starving for any tidbits that'll get tossed my way! lol! It all will help make things easier/quicker as I continue my endless search for plugins...
  3. Thank you for your wonderful plugin... I'm in the middle of a nightmarish system restoration and left to re-download all of my necessary programs (PdN being one of the small group which I simply cannot mod Skyrim SE without) and figuring out what's still causing them to prevent successful launch. Because of this plugin, I was finally given an option to create my own game textures without having to pay for a program with money I simply cannot afford to give up for what's technically considered a hobby. Believe that I'm one of many grateful people out there that rely on this program... and your plugin!