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  1. hi guys sorry about the delay coming back to this thread, first off thank you very much for the great suggestions i certainly cant change the font unfortunately as i am helping someone who has scanned an old 6502 (close guess Ego Eram!) assembly language programming book -- there are over 400 pages he scanned so needless to say i wont be doing anything involving changing the font. im just going to keep things sinple and as suggested here i have tried both the distort-morphology effect (erode) which seems to be just fine for this issue and also thanks for the effects-noise median suggestion which also seems to be good i will certainly use one of those above suggestions then thanks again for the help
  2. hi i just signed up, im having some trouble trying to make something darker when using i have attached a pic, at the top is the original image, and below, is how it looks after i applied (5 times) effects-->photo-->sharpen (at the maximum amount '20') it does certainly look better after applying the maximum sharpening amount 5 times, but i was just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to perhaps other better ways i could make that text more readable? or do u think that is pretty much as good as i can expect? thanks