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  1. So, there will be a individual version with all features? that we can replace with the bundled(tiny, foolproof, minimal, basic) version.
  2. i read the conversation on Github, that was sad, they decided to just remove it without thinking on the user or the functionality, remember that the people who uses the webp plugin are advanced users(webmasters, developers, designers) who need the full features of the plugin, we are not kids saving WEBP files that confuses easily, if i want to only encode a PNGs i just use a batch encoder (even a batch encoder has full webp features) But if i want to edit a picture and save WEBP with advanced options Paint.net is not an option anymore, you doubled the workload 😭.
  3. Where is the Disable Metadata? i was using Paint.NET for creating Stickers for whatsapp, now stickers don't work anymore because metadata is saved on the file without asking. Please allow the user to not preserve Metadata.
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