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  1. Oh wow I see I sparked some great ideas in here @LWChris WOW! That is amazing! Also, I can't believe I didn't know about your plugin until now; I needed something like that so many times and had to do it manually, sort of. Amazing!
  2. @Pixey wow so simply yet it works; nice! @LWChris nice solution too! Even though Pixey solution is "simpler", It might be easier for me since I"m not much of an artist. Thank you both!
  3. I'm looking to create something like the attached image; a circular line with some width, transparent outside of it, and black inside of it, but as you can see - it looks as if the black is pulled in. A bit like a demon gate if you ask me. I thought about using the zoom with bulge, but I just can't get anything like it. Any tips?
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