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  1. I believe Rick is layout groundwork for adding tablet support, but it would be helpful to get a peek into which tablet brands will be supported so I can replicate that in Brush Factory. It's my understanding there is no standard interface for accessing tablet data with pressure sensitivity, stylus tilt, etc., and each brand of tablets (Wacom, Huion, and others) will have a separate API for it, which is why knowing the supported tablet matrix would be useful. Since this isn't my area of expertise, I may be wrong. Thanks in advance.
  2. Correct, I just repeated that test; this time it worked. It's probable I just entered a typo or something silly. Perhaps reading in a bit, but the way you mention "according to the setup" makes me think these questions can be adjusted. I would advocate switching questions; I'd be more than happy to create some questions for you that should catch bots and not people. I'll avoid the philosophy. Bottom line I think this test will catch humans too, it certainly caught me and I am human
  3. My mistake, I read two threads and absent-mindedly thought this was the one that mentioned being ported to VS. Whoops!
  4. Incidentally the inversion of RGB HSV and alpha can be done with the Channel Ops plugin, although the 'contrast' versions of each channel aren't a concept there.
  5. The best, laziest solution would be to add horizontal rules (separators) between each mini group for visual distinction. Could also do this: red red contrast hue hue contrast alpha blue blue contrast saturation saturation contrast alpha contrast green green contrast value value contrast Or organize like this: red red contrast blue blue contrast green green contrast ...
  6. Wondering if Rick has any control over the sign-up questions, but they're fairly bogus. Example: First of all, a serious answer would be 'spammer'. So I was wrong on first try. 'dog' was wrong on the second try. 'a spammer' was wrong on the third try. ...and I finally got it with 'a dog'. I doubt many new users would run that gauntlet 4 times; the site is probably barring a lot of new users, and I don't mean spammers. These questions are just bad, plain and simple. The answer is logically wrong, frustratingly exact ("a dog" not just "dog") and worse yet, it's static. As in, it appeared first every time I tried to sign up. I don't know how many questions there are, but it doesn't seem good. Failing this question always brought up a question asking the difference between 3:15 PM and 8 PM in hours, which didn't accept "4" or "4.25", maybe it wanted "4 hours" or "4.25 hours" or "4 hours and a quarter", who knows. Either way, awful questions. Thanks for reading this! I do hope the questions can be replaced to be guessable to humans, or removed.