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  1. I have often wished that paint.net at least had a native brush other than the rounded end. Well it does..... use the "line/curve" tool (lower, right hand corner of tool pallet) as a brush. It produces a square end with all the attributes of the regular "brush". I hate to admit that it has taken me 3 years to figure this out.
  2. I would love to see larger color swatches on the color pop-up screen. They are currently so small that it is hard to get a good idea of the real color.
  3. Irfanview has a function called "reduce color depth". It is used to reduce the number of separate colors on a photograph or other image. It would be nice if that feature could be incorporated into Paint.net. If the same effect can already be achieved, let me know how. Old Joe
  4. any idea when we will see in update that includes brushes as an integral part of the program?
  5. I use paint.net and krita (for brushes) for my artwrok. Paint.net is simple and krita is needlessly complicated. When PN has brushes it will be perfect. I hope it is soon.
  6. I realize that it may be some time before traditional brushes are incorporated into Paint.net. How about a square brush to compliment the existing round one while we wait for the real thing? Would that be a lot of trouble? Ole Joe
  7. I have paint.net files on my hard drive and on my cloud drive (one drive). I have a windows 10 laptop. Windows explorer displays my paint.net files as thumbnails on my hard drive but only displays icons on the cloud drive. How do I make explorer display thumbnails on the cloud drive?
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