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  1. I figured it out. The blinking is caused by the white background layer that is automatically created by Paint.NET for new images. I forgot to delete it when making the animated GIF. When viewing the image in Google Chrome, the image appears on a black background so it was really easy to see the white rectangle flash. After I deleted the white layer, the flicker was gone. Also, BoltBait was right about the first and last frame should not be the same or else there will be a visible delay in the animation.
  2. I deleted the last frame and the animation jumps from 350 degrees to 10 degrees and it still flickers. I tried deleting the first frame instead and although it is not obvious that the animation is starting at ten degrees instead of zero, the animation still flickers when it reaches 360 degrees.
  3. My first and last frames are the same. All the frames in-between are a duplicate of the previous frame turned clockwise by ten degrees. The image rotates smoothly until 360 degrees and then it flickers.
  4. Hi all, How do I prevent the gif from flickering when the animation restarts?
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