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  1. Thnx @welshblue... I really liked @pyrochild 'Grid Warp' plugin, but it was very fiddly even with small grid sizes (though I didn't get down to 20x20)! As you say, with mouse and keyboard support (esp. up, down, left, right arrows) I think it would be even easier! It would also be good if the plugin allowed movement in only one direction, that is, vertically or horizontally so that I could 'uncurl' in one direction only. Don't want to destroy my soul at all if possible!! 😁
  2. @xod... that is just AMAZING!!!! This must the the program I have been waiting for, especially for musical notation images that are very complex (but badly distorted). I have downloaded the program and will give it a go when I get home!!! Thnx Thnx Thnx!
  3. Thnx @Pixey I will give that a try! I hadn't thought of doing it that way... I was so focussed on doing it 'my way' that I hadn't explored regenerating the image, so your suggestion was very helpful! I think for simple musical notation images this would be ideal! Cheers
  4. Does anyone know a plugin that will allow me to 'uncurl' an image? I have a photocopy of a page of music (see link below) and would like to straighten it so it is more readable. Any ideas how this could be done? I have used some of the 'Distort' plugins such as TechnoRobbo's 'Distort this!', MadJik's 'Oblique', and dpy's 'Perspective' without much luck. Have also tried pyrochild's 'Grid Warp' which was quite good but too sensitive. If there is a plug in that might work, I'd love to hear about it! Kind Regards Charles