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  1. @welshblue what do you think about the racism that myself and other English people have suffered when we have in arrived in wales this weekend?
  2. Also one that puts in such attention to detail to an image. Your second entry took me right back to when tapes were the way to record your own music. No disrespect to Pixey or Vagabondi but yours jumps out as the real deal (they've both got glaring mistakes) even down to the way the case is split into 2 at the bottom. The title is highly amusing. Our younger days of lost love, tears into the pillow and life not worth living. You mister are a credit to this software
  3. No thank you Lynxster4. I find the tutorials extremely useful for showing what results the plug ins can have, as well as achieving the desired result. A God send for people starting out. As someone in the teaching profession I think they are an important part of the forum, so thank you to all tutorial writers. With the help of yourself, Pixey and welshblue I've managed to create something 🤗
  4. I have really enjoyed looking at your images Lynxster4. Your illustrations are lovely and something I aspire to do as well as you do. There is such a great talent on this forum that it's almost intimidating to start off as a novice but then you see the way that people are so helping towards one another and the fear goes. Thank you for your tutorials, they really help.
  5. That is absolutely delightful Pixey. I have always thought that holly is one of the most beautiful plants at Christmas. Thank you for the welcome. I'm still getting the hang of the software but I have been playing with your manga tutorial. It's very enlightening.
  6. What a lovely gallery you have got @Pixey @welshblue recommended this as one to look through. ( Along with @lynxster4 and @HELEN) I am a children's author and because my current illustrator has fallen ill, I am looking for inspiration and tips to do my own work. This falls into the inspirational category.
  7. @BoltBait & @welshblue thank you both. I will persevere with your suggestions this coming week. Shape3D looks very daunting but having had an initial go, I can already see the benefits when wanting to tilt things and keep clarity. Does it matter which 'face' to keep ?
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but it's a question about entries. @welshblue how do you get rotate/ zoom to maintain it's shape and definition like you have on 2 of your images ? When I use it the images lose definition or distorts strangely on some settings. Also how do you get your images so crisp ? I'm relatively new to this but my images are never so sharp. For example your first notebook could be a photograph.
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