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  1. Suggest alternatives? Or read Ruskin. Tomes containing pages of copious explanation as to why they don't like stuff! For me, they are fabulous, and @Zagna, is a link to the page enough for attribution? Thanks.
  2. Fantastic, thanks -that seems a lot better. TBQH it was a hard time trying to get anything into WindowsApps even when one had taken ownership of the folder. Plus bizarro ACL hiccups: Came up with a script to handle that at reboot, but the FileRenameOperations key wouldn't update on completion of the script: In any case, this is a better bet. What a relief!
  3. Hi there! 😊 When buying PdotNET through Windows, and gaining access to WindowsApps folder, the likely candidate appears to be the Bundled folder where there are the DDSFileTypePlus and WebPFileType folders by default. Just popped it in there, no containing folder required? The possibility of a plugin manager has been discussed before, might come in handy for this type of thing- but requires a bit of input. Thanks for the plugin!
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