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  1. Update #2: Windows Update installed the latest cumulative update for Microsoft .NET Framework today. Now the Open and Save dialogs work in paint.net as they should. Apparently, the bug or incompatibility was not in paint.net but in the .NET Framework. Thank you again, Microsoft, for giving problems and later the solution as well. 😏
  2. Running Windows in safe-mode didn't help. Complete uninstall and reinstall didn't help. But the program actually works now, see my Update #2 below.
  3. Update #1: I can open an image file by using drag-and-drop, but saving doesn't work either. The program freezes and becomes unresponsive, just like when trying to open a file. 🙁
  4. My computer is not connected to any network other than the internet. I don't have any plug-ins. Settings opens just fine, it doesn't hang. I have a few shell extensions, most notably 7-Zip, Attribute Changer, Avira, Dropbox, and QQ the Chinese instant messenger. I really wouldn't want to disable or uninstall any of these, just to get Paint.NET to work again.
  5. I didn't bother to uninstall and reinstall yet. The software has worked fine for years before this version. Running as an administrator didn't help. I don't know how to run the program in safe-mode. Did you mean running Windows in safe-mode?
  6. I updated from 4.2 to 4.2.5 and now when I try to open an image file, the program freezes. The mouse cursor is a circle indicating "busy" state, but the file open dialogue window never opens. Eventually Windows indicates that the program is not responding and I close it. So, paint.net is pretty useless in its current state. My computer is an old Toshiba laptop and the operating system is Windows 10 Pro version 1903 with the latest updates installed.
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