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  1. Thank you. I will try that and see if it makes a difference for them. I'll have to figure out the percentage though as it's not exactly a 50% difference kind of thing. And I appreciate the comments and feedback. It's been very frustrating and I didn't think/was hoping it wasn't a program problem either, but trying to explain that to the end user is where my problem lay. Thank you for your time, everyone.
  2. Okay, so that makes some sense to me (meaning I can comprehend it.) But also makes me want to change my question slightly. The final result of this is they take my image and print it onto a garment. They are saying my DPI not being correct is the reason why images are not printing the correct size (coming out small on the shirt. E.g. If a baby onesie has a 6" wide set print area, my image comes out 3" wide on the product.) If the DPI is not changing the pixel size (2200x3000px)/physical size (11x15") that it was saved as, what possibly could?
  3. I know, that is why I don't know how to explain this. I create the file here and it's fine. I upload it to them and they open it and it's a different resolution and image size. They say that I am the only one this is happening with, that users there create a file and upload a file done the same way and it comes out right. They are trying to tell me my "computer" is doing something to the file and I believe their "uploading" system is converting it. But I don't know how to prove this to them. I've given them screenshots of my settings on the files themselves.
  4. But they are telling me it matters because the image is much smaller than it is supposed to be. They are printing it.
  5. I have been suggesting that to them as I am unable to upload anything other than a .jpg or .png (but need this for transparency) and they are telling me no one else has this problem that is using
  6. If someone could please help; I've tried searching, but haven't found anything that seems the same issue. I need my output document to be 200dpi at 2200x3000px. I create a new document File, New. In the specs, I make it 2200x3000px at 200ppi (11x15") I then create my stuff in various layers. I Save As and choose bit depth at auto detect and click okay. (Saved as transparent .png file) I upload my saved file to an online place and when the other party opens it, it says it is only 72 dpi and that it is not the right inch size either. Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong please?