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  1. Actually what picture are you trying to straighten?. It takes measurements and some ideas.
  2. I do not think a plugin like this is available. If it was there would have been a great help to me in the past. I was searching for some animated plugin to work in some magazine I was making but could not find any. If you found something about comic boo plugin please share with us. I once decided to make my own plugin, but that is a pretty tough job.
  3. There are many fonts available online but to be honest none of them I have found is standard. If you found something which is good looking and can be used for a standard purpose then please share over here. Good fonts are really rare these days, people are getting less creative and uploading whatever they feel like.
  4. Thank you for your reply. Now I am cleared about the Gmic plugin fact. I hope the newer version fixed all the bugs that were bothering.
  5. Why there should be a billing problem?. I mean isnt it an advanced billing method?. If there is a billing problem then why should we waste our dollars?. Now I am being afraid to pay via my card. What was the problem he was facing?. Is it something with like that he paid and the app did not unlock?. Please let me know.
  6. Oh god! finally a paid version where I think everything would be premium. I always wanted to use this version as they have a much better software and a very little crash issue. I have always used the classic one and faced so many crashes. I think this paid one will make my problems disappear. I have used a lot of software for free as I do not need to pay for them, but with this I think they are doing something better in the paid version.
  7. What do you do with a Gmic plugin?. If the older version did not have this plugin then how did you do work all this time?.
  8. Yes, it did not happen a lot of time but it did. When it happened I have lost hours of my work. I do not have the error logs with me now, but if I do face another crash I would definitely take a screen shot and upload over here.
  9. I hope the crash issue got solved. It was really a pain and wasted a lot of time for that. The new update though came a little late but I guess it was worth the wait. I would still wait for the perfect review of this so that I do not have to reinstall the older version just because it is not good enough.
  10. HI XOD, I really loved the way you have changed the background. This is actually a lot of work. Are there any software which will automatically change it for me in no time?
  11. Thank you people for the amazing ideas. I have gone through some of the websites that really helped me. I have one question, should I just learn photo shop or I should just use some of the other software that does the job for me ?
  12. Hi people, I am new to this forum and really want you guys to look beyond my mistakes if I make any. The thing is I want to learn how to remove any back ground from any image, which software should I use and is it really very tough?. How much time would it require to master in this section?.
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