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  1. Your second sentence was enough to answer my question....but you just couldn't help yourself could you. I don't use Office. Every other program I use (many) it is at the top (hence the annoyance). But I get it your so smart. Thank you Ego for that advice ...sans the snarky reply. I have limited use of my left hand and do everything with a mouse with my right hand. To me it's easier to mouse up than to mouse down. Which is why I ask the question. Bu thank you. So I gather the answer to my 2 questions is NO and NO. I don't recall asking you to convince my of anything. I ask 2 simple questions and explained my reasonings and admitted it's faults. Thank you for pointing out how archaic I am. I know you just couldn't help yourself. People like you ruin forums. BTW I upgraded not to yours. Paid for it but worth it. So PUHLEEZE excuse me for insulting your delicate ego and asking my 2 SOOO stupid little questions your royal highness.
  2. I have upgraded a few times but always go back to 3.5.11 because I can not stand the zoom control on the bottom right of screen. I know,I know, it's just me, but it really annoys me. I like it larger at the top like it used to be. I use it a lot for my website. Not sure what I'm missing but this version allows me to do what I need to. BUT, I now have a problem that is driving me crazy. I think this has been addressed in later versions. The color, history, and layer windows are erratic. If I try to move them out of the way they start disappearing, reappearing somewhere else, and in general freaking out. I can never place them where they would normally reside. So, I have 2 questions (I'm not hopeful but thought it couldn't hurt to ask). 1. Is there a way to fix this issue without upgrading? 2. Is there a way to upgrade but have the zoom control on top? Thanks for answering my probably stupid question in advance. Have a groovy day