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  1. Thanks @Rick Brewster - you just made my day! I copied test folder to local Desktop and it shows the thumbs just fine. I'm not running store version yet - I prefer to be in control of the updates (as much as I can). I checked - the OneDrive files are even available locally, so this may be another issue with file explorer or file system. Thanks for the great program!
  2. Thanks @Rick Brewster for your time. I'm running 4.2.8 (Final 4.208.7276.37737) - with a little donation I made couple days ago On my File Explorer I'm getting PDN icons (picture+brush). Is there anything wrong with my installation? Maybe I should reinstall Windows Store version? Thanks again.
  3. I apologize if this is trivial question. I'm looking for a graphic software, which will be able to preview pdn files in a form of thumbnails. Of course it would be nice, if instead it worked in the file manager since it is win-10 store application. Do you have any recommendation? I wish I missed something. Thanks!
  4. As far as I understand it - yes. I have both jpg images in one pdn file. As you suggested I selected one of them to the clipboard - double checked, that it is there by pasting it into IrfanView. I tried to morph one into the other. I'm new to the 'game' so I'm just trying to get the feel of it. Thanks!
  5. Regarding my problem morphing plug-in in G'Mic-Qt @null54: Thanks for your response - sorry for posting in a wrong place. I updated today paint.net (4.2.5) and after reading your comment I noticed my version of G'Mic was not automatically updated. I did it manually to and refreshed filter definitions. I tried to follow your directions and it doesn't seem seem to work, so I'm a little confused. I'm getting Preview warning 'This filter requires at least two input layers.' I have data on clipboard, background and three empty layers. If needed I can prepare some sample pdn file so the size will be accepted by this forum. Thanks a lot!
  6. this filter requires at least two input layers I'm trying to figure out morphing using plugin GMIC - I can't start. When using as a starting point file with multiple layers I'm getting a message "this filter requires at least two input layers". Any tips? Thanks!
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