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  1. I'm using Paint.NET to create BMP files that I use on forms that I use while customizing a CAD/CAM system (Siemens NX). NX uses Magenta (FF00FF) as a 'transparent' colour so I often use this as the background of my bitmaps. In the past I have simply saved the bitmaps with the default Auto-detect Bit Depth and all was OK. However, now it seems that this setting changes the Magenta colour slightly as NX now does not see it as Magenta and my bitmaps have a rather striking pink background 😱 I've tried saving in 32/24/8/4 bit depths and NX seems to like 24 and 8 bit depths. The question is, has the Auto-detect changed with the latest updates and/or has the other bit depths changed to modify the Magenta colour? This is obviously not a show-stopper as I can save in 34 bit and everything is OK, Just like to know these things...