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  1. Oh, Thank you! After posting my last reply, I saw your answer. Thank you for your work and kind help.
  2. I've installed 4.3 - 5.0 - 5.1 I think I didn't meet same error before. BTW, in CodeLab 5.1, after insert PanSliderControl, following code is generated. PanSliderControl Amount4 = Pair.Create(0); // Slider 3 Description As you know, that code should be fixed to following: PanSliderControl Amount4 = Pair.Create(0.000, 0.000); // Slider 3 Description And, after fixing it, that code works!
  3. Thank you for your update. BTW, in my environment "Pan Slider" control cannot be added. After adding "Pan Slider", UI cannot be previewed or executed. That problem happened with CodeLab v5.0 and v5.1 both. And, in my home and in my office, same error messages were shown. I'm using Windows 10 Pro(My office and my home both) x64 1909(18363.592). .Net Framework 4.8 was installed with Windows update. Paint.net version is 4.2.8. (All of them are up-to-date) Could you give me any hint to fix them?
  4. Thank you @BoltBait for your great job. I'm developing a simple plugin with CodeLab. I have three questions to ask you. 1. It seems that user interface has only 2 buttons(Ok, Cancel). Can I add more button? 2. Can OnRender() method notice that it's final render(after user clicks Ok button) or preview render(when UI is on)? I want to make following style plugin. - When UI is on, it runs quick and dirty style render. - And, when user clicks Ok button, it runs high quality render. But, I don't know how to detect current state in OnRender(). 3. Can I draw line on Surface object? When this is declared.... Surface dst; I know how to put a pixel. dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel; But, I don't know how to draw a line. Should I make a DrawLine() method? Thank you for reading. It's really a great job!
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