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  1. Turned off hardware acceleration seems to be working and its fast too … FYI my G{U is GTX960 2GB
  2. found these pdncrash.3.log pdncrash.4.log pdncrash.1.log pdncrash.2.log
  3. just loaded 4.2.2 plugin erros show, Ddsfiletype.dll also showing comments that this is now built into paint.net …. mean anything to you?
  4. ok.... just FYI 4.1.1 is so fast, something to look at? ok, my original problem was with 4.2.1 then My second report was on 4.2.2 will try with hardware acceleration turned off for you.
  5. Nope sorry moved to other images and still .dds, on saving I had a brief under 1 second message no responding on the top of save box. then it saved. On closing and then clicking save it froze again, but no pinging when clicking mouse to get out of it...
  6. Don't get me wrong . This is a fantastic program and simple to use, thanks for fast reply... got the beta version let you know how it goes
  7. ok will try this version for rest of project and report back any problems thx
  8. just tried exact save with version 4.1.1 and no problems at all. will continue with this version until I've finished project and then update and report back if necessary.
  9. its on .dds I do skinning for gtav, never had a problem with multiple layers before, and only 2 layers on this occasion... just re-loaded v4.1.1 and turned off updates to see if it happens again, if it does it'll be the image
  10. after latest update, freezes on saving, cannot get out have to use task manager to exit, this is random, not everytime. Can we not have the option to keep the version we are on, why enforce updates and cause these problems or have an option to revert if problems encountered
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