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  1. Hi, As far as I'm aware, I've not changed anything on my computer and there's not been any updates. Last week, I was able to 'save as' to a jpeg etc. and open up in a folder on my desktop. This week my 'save as' is going to one note and reverting to local disk. When I try to change it to a folder on my desktop, it's coming up as a blank file. I've removed OneNote (Windows 10) by a. typing in a code in mswindows and b. using the 'not available' drop down in change programme in the uninstall programme section of windows and rebooting. Both have not worked and now it will save as a blank file in a folder. I also use Affinity Designer and it is working perfectly and exporting to jpeg as per normal. Any thoughts on what I can try next? I love using paint net for certain things and would miss it.