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  1. Thanks all, appreciate it. I'll have a play around tomorrow and see what works best.
  2. Hi All, Can anybody tell me if there is a way, however so, to paste something into a selection without the pasted image/layer going outside the highlighted selection. What i would like to do is highlight a selected area on an image/layer and then paste another image and be able to move it, increase/decrease its size all within the highlighted selection of the first. I somehow found a way of doing it about 2 weeks ago but I'm damned if I can remember what I did. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thanks all for the replies. Just added the shapemaker plugin and will have a play around. Will also try the outline object effect. Cheers
  4. Hi All, I'm having trouble overcoming what on the surface should be simple. I have a borderline of an arrow shape and would like to create a smaller duplicate to fit inside it. I have hit a brick wall. I have used all obvious methods including holding the shift button for supposedly proportionate resizing but I must be missing something because I cant get the resized borderline triangular arrow to fit inside the original. Any help appreciated or suggestions as to another method as to how this maybe accomplished. Cheers
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