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  1. Thanks for the suggestions how even this isn't the most accurate method and I kinda wanted it automatic so it's spot on!
  2. Hi, I'm wondering how to do a certain thing, I'm really bad at explaining so sorry if you don't get it I'm trying to create a seamless leaves texture, for this to happen it needs to be able to connect seamlessly to a duplicate of itself. To be able to do this I need to make when a picture goes out of the image, the part that is missing reappears at the opposite side (told you I was bad at explaining) Here is what I mean: The tip of the leaf is cut off but I went the part that is cut off to reappear in the red area because it's sort of like mirrored? Here is another example: The tip of the leaf is again cut off, the bit that is cut off would reappear back at the opposite side, the top, making it able to be seamless Does anyone know HOW or at least WHAT THE NAME OF THIS METHOD is called?