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  1. Thanks Rick. I see two more options for the PNG Save Configuration. So for TIFF or PNG just leave it set to default and I'm good to go for lossless saves? Also why do you prefer PNG to TIFF? I retrospect I was thinking I should have set up my profile as another character from the show. I assume you already have some of those.
  2. I have been happily using paint.net for a while now to do my layered image processing. With the latest release I am now confronted with some confusing save options for TIFF files (bit depth with 4 options, dithering level). Why can't I just choose uncompressed or LZW as I always have? I don't want any dithering of any sort. That was the whole point of using TIFF. BTW not to bitch; I love the application other than this new wrinkle. If you can give me a lossless solution using PNG I suppose I can adapt my methods.