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  1. I was having thanksgiving so apologies for lateness. The one specially I'm hoping for is the Dent effect, Like the main dents slowly moving around, making a cool ghost effect or something Well that's interesting to learn And that's a shame, I knew something like that would be the case but I was hoping for otherwise
  2. I'm hoping there is a way to manually reseed effects in paint.net, main reason for this is that I want to abuse certain effects for an animation so I need the effects to "slowly" morph and change. Sorry if this question is probably stupid
  3. Yeah it's simple enough to do it, Layers are pretty cool, but I just wish I could do the simple aspect of what mspaint had with the transparent secondary color. Although I am getting used to the layers now
  4. Mspaint decided to "revamp" the keyboard controls in the worst way possible so I decided to move to paint.net Basically I'm trying to move the arm over the head but the background covers the head as well, even when transparent. How can I properly move the arm over the head with transparent without creating an entirely new layer? Image I'm using: https://imgur.com/a/FoTzlcV
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