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  1. Hi! My topic was closed without answering the second part of the question. I would like to know the opinion of the author about a custom grid. How about embedding a step for a pixel grid? It would be nice...
  2. What for? Hotkeys can be assigned to the mouse. So I have the Middle mouse button + left button assigned to the undo. Middle + right is assigned to the context menu. The left + wheel is assigned to reduce-increase the size of the brush. Right + wheel - select the next \ previous tool. )) Not an option. I work standing in front of the desk. In this position, the keyboard is extremely uncomfortable. Incidentally, it is very good for overall health. I did not say that. I just gave an example of the successful implementation of this feature. You urge me to get used to the CTRL modifier, move the keyboard, and generally move to another program. You offer to put up with inconvenience or go to hell. No ... I’m still digging your brains)) If the author has taken it, then let him do it humanly. He has a talent. Only sometimes, instead of the usual right-hand thread, for some reason, he twisted the left ... 🙃 Upd: Key Remapper solved the problem. All that remains is a custom grid.
  3. Possible. Full customization of hot keys. As it is, for example, implemented in Krita.
  4. My workspace is arranged so that the keyboard is at a distance of two meters. Therefore, only a mouse is at hand. But that is not the point. This raises the question of ergonomics. We can scroll the canvas by clicking the middle mouse button. So why duplicate this function with the wheel? Personally, when working with the program, the mouse wheel becomes a useless device. Paint. Net is a good program. Many things are awesome. But such minor flaws spoil the impression.
  5. A highly controversial statement. Photoshop sends hi 😃 In graphics programs, there is such specificity - often change the size of the canvas. I do not require changing anything ... just ask to add the ability to remove the modifier for changing the size of the canvas.
  6. This makes it difficult to navigate the image. When I work with pixels, I often have to scroll and zoom the canvas, it’s convenient to drag with the mouse without using the keyboard. I would like without the ctrl key. Mouse wheel *only*. Now this function scrolls the image up and down - which does not fit with the graphics editor, it is rather for a text editor. Does also know anything about custom grid implementation? When are you planning to introduce it? And will she be at all? Without a grid, it is inconvenient to draw tilesets.
  7. Hello! I would like to know from the author. Does the author plan to implement a custom grid? + It would be nice to add the ability to scale the image through the mouse wheel in the settings.
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