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  1. Thank you so much Ego Eram Reputo. In the link you sent me I have come so far where It now says: ''If you downloaded a FileType plugin, move the uncompressed *.DLL to the \FileTypes\ subdirectory. If you downloaded an Effect plugin, move the uncompressed *.DLL file to the \Effects\ subdirectory.'' When did I download that? How do you download such a plugin?
  2. Hello Kdonn, I have the exact same problem as you originally explained, I have windows 10 and I cannot find the folder, where is it? Maybe you can send me a screenshot/autoscreen to make it even more clear? All help is appreciated
  3. Absolutely incredible that you can get an answer in a few minutes and at best a few hours. Thank you Eli and IHaveNoName for the answers. I am still stick on this problem though. For Eli I must say that I can't rename the file because I couldn't find it on my desk anywhere and inside the paint app it doesn't work to open it, right mouse clicking doesn't work either. For IHaveNoName I say that I didn't add any .svg extension from my what I know. So I am trying to download the .svg extension now (that's the same as the plug in right?) and I am having some difficulty. So I followed the instructions in this link https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/27228-scalable-vector-graphics-filetype-plugin-svg-svgz/ and I am stuck on that second instruction where you should copy the two files to ''Paint.NET\FileTypes\ folder'' but where is that folder?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm completely new to paint as I started using it yesterday. So yesterday when I finished working on my world map image that I was editing by drawing and writing on for hours I first clicked on ''save as'' and put it with ''images'' but when I later looked at my images folder I cound't find it. And when I click on ''open recent'' on paint I that image I worked on, the name of the image ends with .svg but when I click it, it says ''the image type is not recognized and cannot be opened''. Any help would be appreciated.