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  1. OK. Sorry for the wall of text. I just felt inspired. And I was a bit triggered by the other thread replies I saw. Eh. Glad you don't need to be convinced. Sad that it is much more complex than I hoped and that obviously explains why it is not yet implemented. Have a nice day and thanks for your contribution for the greater good. P.S., I don't know what make it so complex, but if I can help anyway, let me know. I was just wondering if there was not a "simple" solution that would make it safe for everyone or let's say more safe (e.g., a kind of backup of unsaved buffer each X mins, may
  2. Update: I just re-tested in a fresh session and this time, the puzzle is showing up and I can answer the security question too without having an error even when providing the expected answer. So I would say the issue is probably fixed now. I was not seeing the puzzle in that context the two other days I tested it (but I was seeing the puzzle when using /register).
  3. I can look and debug if you ask me to or want me to look at it (i.e., I'm a software developer and mainly have done Web development, I'm at ease). I use Chrome BTW... you can probably test it yourself quickly to see if you notice the same behavior as me... just try to answer the security question in a fresh session (I use private session to do this quickly), I would guess you will hit the same issues as me when using the "Sign Up" button on top of the forum, but no issue when using the /register URL directly (unless Invision fixed something between my message and when you test it!). P.S.,
  4. I don't know if the last two posts was joke or the last was a joke related to the one previously. 😉 But what I reported is that in one use case... there was no puzzle, and if I answered the expected answer, it was not allowing me to sign-up (try it yourself); maybe it expect a puzzle answer too and none show up. Then when passing through the /register URL as I said... then I got the same question + the puzzle (which was not hard for me :P) and it passed. I answered the exact same answer on both, but one would always reject all my answers, while the other one worked the first time!
  5. I am sure this has been asked 3 gazillion times already. But do you guys plan or would consider to add a robust recovery features. I use that term "recovery" to mean: Be able to recover unsaved (i.e., never saved) files. Being able to recover unsaved changes to an already saved files. This is especially useful if "<No cursing.> happen", like a power outage, or for those unfortunate that have not configured their new flashy Windows to not auto-restart without asking them, etc. I have quickly found someone here that wrote one post with a lot of love in
  6. Hi, of course I am registered now, so I found a way. I am sorry if I post this related to the software, but I don't know what other forum to post it to. I tried to "register/sign up" by clicking the "sign up" button on top-right of this site. There is a popup that appeared, and each time I tried, it said: Security Check You did not pass the security check. Please try again. I was honestly beginning to think that I am way too dumb to be able to answer ALL the questions that were asked. I even tried to answer "spammer" instead of "dog" to which's one life is more
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