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  1. Well, I was giving Aseprite a short try in the demo version, and honestly I am pleased with the pre-color palettes avaible that pretty much make this problem obsolete as I can always rely on the palette and dont have to pic the color from the image itself. Therefor, I think this post can be locked, Thank you for your support. If it stays online I think other people who run into this problem can find quick support here Again, thank you for the fast support and the additional knowledge you gave me! Good night.
  2. First of all, thank you for your extra quick Reply, and by reading your explenation, it makes all of this way more logical to understand than " random bug lololol ". However, isnt there any way to bypass this? I already was thinking about buying a software like Aseprite. But I dont think thats a good idea.
  3. Greetings fellow Paint.net enthusiasts! I am using paint.net for multiple years now, and I always enjoyed it as it serves me the basic tools I need for 90 % of scenarios. However, there is a very weird bug haunting me since all these years strongly decreasing my work efficiency allot, so I kindly ask for help in this Thread. The bug goes as the following: Everytime I decrease or increase the V value of the main or sub color, switch to the other color and then switch back by the icon in the Colorweel, the V value just decreases itself by 1. exactly 1. In most cases, something like this p
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