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  1. Yes, Sorry for not remembering to write out the full name at least once.
  2. With the latest update of (4.2.1), images I paste from Sai into PDN have developed strange and severe colorshifting problems that do not occur when going from Sai or PDN to MS Paint. Printscreen seems to work fine, so I'm not sure what it's reading the the copy made is Sai that's causing it to error out. Additionally, transparency from PDN to Sai is breaking in strange ways that were not seen before. This behavior persists past closing and reopening the program. It particularly sucks because before the update the only issue I had (transparency not being preserved going from SAI to PDN) was easily circumvented by making a copy of the image as a PSD. I can't work around my entire image being dramatically colorshfted from dark purple-based with blue/pink accents to brighter red-brown with yellow/purple accents. I can share a screenshot, but I'd need time to quickly edit them since they're NSFW. I'm using Windows 7, 3.50GHz, 16gb of RAM. This is the first problem I've had with PDN in literal years of using the same computer, and I do not have the money to replace not only a computer but also all the software and hardware I use for my job that would break if I upgraded to a new OS. If this is an issue with the OS age, I'd like to know some way to get the last functional version back.