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  1. Hmm, OK. I do have some mapped network drives ... and the only installed shell extension that I am aware of is TortoiseGit. Anyways, today it works as it should without me changing anything. Only thing I did was some cleaning with CCleaner. Let me keep an eye on it for a couple of days and get back to you.
  2. I am only working with PNGs, to be honest. None of those are on my computer.
  3. Nope. Tried it without success. I believe, the "Save Configuration" dialog is where the problem is. And it happens the first time I try to save an image, mostly. When I click the "OK" button I can see the file saved to disk (in Windows Explorer) but the dialog remains visible and unresponsive. Funny thing is, clicking the application's icon on the Windows taskbar makes the "Save Configuration" dialog dissappear.
  4. This may be an old thread but I've just started having this exact issue. The application hangs for a while either in the Save As dialog or in the Save Configuration dialog. During this time, clicking the OK button is ignored and the dialog window cannot be moved. After a few seconds, I regain control and I can click the OK button to have the image saved to disk. The problem started after version 4.2.1 (Final 4.201.7158.31906) got installed.