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  1. Hello @BoltBait, Could you please share the mathematical formula's you apply in the following two plug-ins: BoltBait's Color Balance v4.1 BoltBait's Temperature / Tint v1.4 For example, if you set R to +10 in the Color Balance, what are then the expected red pixel values (assuming 8-bit input). Is it like this: R' = sRGB^-1(sRGB(R) * (255 + 10) / 255) And what about the second plug-in? Alternatively: could you share me (PM?) the source code where the actual mathematical transformations are defined? Or is this publically available? The reason why I ask is because I'm playing around with some of these settings and found a decent set to enhance some structures in the images I'm working with. Now this needs to be applied outside of PDN, so I would actually need to know what the mathematical equivalent is of these settings. Thanks you! Best regards, Bart