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  1. I managed to reproduce the 'color balance', 'tint', 'temperature', 'curves' and 'saturation' adjustments in Python. Now that I know which mathematical transforms are done when 'playing around' with the PDN sliders, I can develop a more optimized implementation. It just strikes me that all of these adjustments are performed in the sRGB domain (so the perceptual linear domain) and not in the RGB domain (colorimetric linear domain). I'll play around with some color transformations in the linear domain and compare the results, see which performs best... Thanks a lot for your help...
  2. Thank you very much for your quick response! Can you please also confirm that this code is executed on the pixel values directly (so typically the sRGB values) and that there's no pre processing step converting to the linear RGB domain first, then applying this plugin and a post processing step converting back to sRGB domain?
  3. I know, but: I do like BoltBait's plugin ease of use and it would be nice to understand how to do the exact same transform. This way I can use the plugin to manually fine tune some parameters, with an easy to use user interface, and code the transformation in the image processing pipeline I'm building (something GPU based).
  4. Hello @BoltBait, Could you please share the mathematical formula's you apply in the following two plug-ins: BoltBait's Color Balance v4.1 BoltBait's Temperature / Tint v1.4 For example, if you set R to +10 in the Color Balance, what are then the expected red pixel values (assuming 8-bit input). Is it like this: R' = sRGB^-1(sRGB(R) * (255 + 10) / 255) And what about the second plug-in? Alternatively: could you share me (PM?) the source code where the actual mathematical transformations are defined? Or is this publically available? The reason why I ask is because I'm playing around with some of these settings and found a decent set to enhance some structures in the images I'm working with. Now this needs to be applied outside of PDN, so I would actually need to know what the mathematical equivalent is of these settings. Thanks you! Best regards, Bart