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  1. OK, so on a newly created image, it defaults to Points, and creates tiny text. Switching to Fixed does indeed make the text larger. If I load an image, it defaults to Points, and creates larger text. Switching to Fixed has no apparent effect on text size. What is interesting, is if I create the image as "pixels/inch", it defaults to 96dpi -- and text appears as the correct size regardless of what the Metric is set to. If I create the image as "pixels/cm", it gives 37.8, which (37.8 * 2.54 = 96.012) is close to 96dpi, then the Metric does have an effect.
  2. Hi, I create a new image : File -> New and specify a size of 500x750 I then choose the Text tool, and choose Calibri at 40 point, the text is quite small. If I save the image, then open it, and then go to add text, it is much larger. The attached shows the text as entered on a fresh image, and the larger at the bottom after saving/loading the image. This happens with 4.2 (from windows store), and 4.2.1 beta 7152 -M
  3. Thanks Rick - I sent you a PM with links to sample images.
  4. After finding an older version of paint.net on FileHippo, I did some testing. I would drag the 12 images from a folder onto paint.net, and start the stopwatch when I clicked 'open' I reinstalled 4.2, so it was a clean install. Over 5 tries, loading 12 images took 70s +/- 2s I then uininstalled 4.2, and installed 4.1.4, loading the same 12 images took 6s So I wasnt imagining it, 4.2 takes 10 times as long to load the images.
  5. Hi, After upgrading to 4.2, loading images seems much slower. Prior to this, I could drag a dozen or so (4k x 6k) images (jpeg) downloaded from my camera into paint.net, and they would load quickly - now it can take up to a minute to open 12 images. Is this normal, or is something messed up on my installation? Windows 10 Pro (1903)
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