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  1. It's not what I wanted but it might come helpful one day. Thank you!
  2. I'm in search of a plugin that would allow me to posterize any image to 16 bit but using a Dithering effect. (I know it is possible to achieve such an effect (or at least anything close to that) by saving a 256 colors .gif) An example of such can be seen here (1:55): Thank you in advance!
  3. Today I've discovered that I can't export .vtf sprays with animated layers, on the preview they show up as completely transparent and hitting "cancel" simply crashes the program. IMO, it is due to the recent update. As the .vtf plugin hadn't been updated since 2007, I've figured that the best solution for me would be to revert to an older version of PDN. How can I do that?
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