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  1. No, I will say you just look at the result ,didn't see the process: OK, I show you the process
  2. Well , that's the point , I would say, as a line tool , it shouldn't be designed like this. Adding points should be using shortcuts key or manually. So , that's why I feel better when using line/curve tool. And I think you can't just look at this in the developer's mind, or it's maybe wrong ...
  3. Then , I will ask ,"Why I need another click ?" If you draw a complex shape, you may know the feel , maybe not. Another thing is the automatically add points (I know this can close, somehow you need to close), that's a feel of Interruption in painting. So I get back to line/curve tool, because it would not interrupt me. Thanks for you reply.
  4. Well, the most different thing I feel is I can't draw another line after draw first one , I can't get use to this! But in line tools , you can draw another line immediately.
  5. I just edited ... I tried this plugin, but feel different, or I feel line / curve tool is more handy
  6. This is my favorite tool in paint. net, but unfortunately there are too few controllable nodes. It would be perfect if you could customize the number of nodes. I believe that the following improvements are needed by everyone: 1. Increase the number of nodes freely; 2. Closing/connecting function of curve; just Imagine: I have already tried the ShapeMaker and the TR's SplineMaster , Both great plugin, But somehow, both "not so nature" ...
  7. Thank you, I posted after do the search , I will try CodeLabInstaller305 for some luck.
  8. I have some problem with my win7 64, it couldn't be updated~ So, I could just stay in 4.0.21
  9. I'm using an old version of paint. net version 4.0.21. All the latest versions of codelab can't be used, so can someone help me to upload a 402 version of codelab?
  10. Hi, in some reason , I'd want to download the codelab 4.0 version , Where can I find it ?
  11. Thank you for your good work! A very amazing plugin, in some cases, can be used as a replacement for the shapermaker, as an enhanced version of the line/curve tool. However, during use, I feel that the lack of a zoom tool is still very inconvenient. Then there is a silly question: "Where is the Undo?"
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