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  1. I downloaded it for the first time on my new pc about 3-4 weeks ago I believe. I did only install the program, and then the new tools where there already, so I only downloaded grim color reaper because it is a favorite of mine. Then when the update came they where gone. Grim stayed though. Thank you so much for the advice. I will take it to hearth.
  2. Yes. I have no idea why I got them, or why they where removed, but they came with last time I downloaded the program, and was gone after the update. The plugins I had manually installed was left alone. Thank you so much for the help. This was what I was after, and I have it installed now. I will make sure to donate to both him and on my next payday. I really appreciate it! Have a great day!
  3. Hello there. After the last update I lost from the adjustments menu the extra ones with a puzzle symbols on them.They where more advanced versions of the normal adjustment tools. I really loved the one that let me change selected colors. If I in a picture of different colored planets, if I wanted to only change the green one to red, I could select the color range of green to be affected and change it just like the Hue/saturation one without affecting the other colors on the picture. How do I get them back? I do not care if I have to pay for them, I really liked them. It is really sad that the updates remove stuff without telling me what it removes, and no way to find them again. It is really frustrating to lose the tools I use without warning, and makes me afraid to update the program. Hope to hear from you guys/gals. With best Regards from me.