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  1. New Reply because I had a stroke for some reason.You know if you use gimp,and want to write something,and to do that there is a text box,which it is very useful because,when I finish my text,and for example Wrote "Had Stroke" ,and made a mistake,and I wanted to add "I had a stroke",but instead of retyping it,you can just click on the text,and there shows up a text box,where you can edit your text.Something like this..Oh and sorry that I had a stroke,for some reason,my brain didn't work at all.Lol. Ya know,like instead of rewriting it to the correct sentence,you can just click,and edit the text.And feel free to post my previous comment,on Reddit's R/Ihadastroke.
  2. Question,os this like have text boxes,so when I type something,then cick pensil tool to fix,and try to write something again,I don't have to match the positions of colors.