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  1. New Reply because I had a stroke for some reason.You know if you use gimp,and want to write something,and to do that there is a text box,which it is very useful because,when I finish my text,and for example Wrote "Had Stroke" ,and made a mistake,and I wanted to add "I had a stroke",but instead of retyping it,you can just click on the text,and there shows up a text box,where you can edit your text.Something like this..Oh and sorry that I had a stroke,for some reason,my brain didn't work at all.Lol. Ya know,like instead of rewriting it to the correct sentence,you can just click,and edit the t
  2. Question,os this like have text boxes,so when I type something,then cick pensil tool to fix,and try to write something again,I don't have to match the positions of colors.
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