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  1. It only happened once, I wasn't able to reproduce it so far. And I got plenty of spare memory, yeah. The program was still using ~70MB when it was caught in that loop.
  2. As the title says. PDN hung itself. Window was still responsive to being activated, but I could not cancel this loop. Cpu core was running on full until I force quit the process. When it occurred, I had played around with the polar inversion settings. I had it on a positive offset, then changed edge behavior to 'reflect', then set quality to 5, then set the offset to negative, then tried to cancel.
  3. Hi, When using the tool shapes (ellipse, star, diamond, trapezoid used as example) coupled with very small sizes down in the 10 or 20 pixel range, as well as having AA for the tool turned off, Paint.NET produces some very wonky and irregular shapes. Now AA off should result in some of what we're seeing, but it should also result in symmetry, using proper mouse locations without that 1-pixel overshoot etc. Try creating a 20x20 canvas, selecting ANY of the shapes with AA off and then drawing that shape out from 1x1 to 20x20, see how the shape progresses. IMO this could be
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