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  1. This is a late update, but after about two days of it not working I downloaded GIMP and then went back to working without me messing with G-sync or anything. I honestly think my was upset I hadn't used it in so long and got jealous over the new fancy GIMP and came crawling back, but thanks for the help guys!
  2. I haven't used in a little over a few months and the newest update comes out and I am experiencing a "Cursor lag" that makes using the program impossible. Basically when I used any tool or drag my cursor through the image I am editing the tool cursor is behind my regular cursor by an inch or two and it is overall slow. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, along with repairing the program, and restarting my computer. Occasionally on startup will run fine but as soon as I load in an image and start working it slowly degrades back to lagging and stuttering cursor movement. Has anyone experienced this problem or know how to fix it?